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Reconnectng The LGBT Community One Link At A Time




Our Mission: Project Safe Zone is a Program for all LGBT people, with an emphasis on those ages 15 and up with a focus on supporting and building community to help young adults who members of the Gay and Lesbian Community community, for those currently questioning their sexuality with a special focus on relationships with family and interaction with others. Our purpose is to provide counseling, support and guidance in a young person’s journey during this critical time in their lives. As the Program name implies, this is an inclusive confidential safe space without prejudice, negativity or hate where each participant may be themselves, be open, freely question and hopefully receive the answers they are looking for within a community of like-minded individuals.

The goal is to help young LGBT people understand they are, a critical and loved person in society and to help them grow and develop into well-adjusted confident adults by dispelling the stereotypes that the ‘Gay Lifestyle’ means no religious faith support, is loveless or that is filled with only repression and loneliness. These are myths and through community, outreach with a religious foundation the Program will help educate and council LGBT members, parents, guardians and allies as knowledge and religious faith are two of the critical elements in everyone’s life that can help drive good choices and decisions. And let’s not forget the power of community, social interaction and just having fun in a safe space provide. So let’s empathize that no young person is alone or abandoned in their own journey – although everyone’s journey is personal you are not alone but are supported, vital and loved.

You are welcome: If you are over 15 and identify as LGBT or are questioning your sexual orientation, if you are the parent, guardian or an ally of LGBT youth or young adult, you are welcome at Project Safe Zone.

How we can assist you in your journey: Through counseling, access to adult role models and lessons learned with focus on developing Personal Dignity and the importance of self-acceptance, self-value and integrity; Project Safe Zone offers LGBT youth counseling and mentoring to help each individual grow within themselves and learn their own individual purpose and direction. Our approach is a focused one which is to help LGBT people navigate the complicated and at many times the difficult elements of acceptance, positive self-image, moral principles, safe healthy choices and ethos.

“The Gay Lifestyle” is an often misunderstood stereotype that is an easy trap for someone trying to understand both their sexual and personal identity to fall victim to. Through building an understanding that a LGBT life can be faith-based and one of great love and joy is the best defense to help a young person avoid these images and traps, as well as help parents and allies understand and reinforce these points as well. It is important that LGBT youth understand they DO NOT have to fit into these preconceived notions of what being LGBT means in today’s world.

Though activities, subject matter experts, sharing personal stories and counseling sessions and life strategies, carried throughout all sponsored and social events, we will explore what it means to be LGBT person living with self-respect, dignity and to plant the seed connection their spiritual self-awakening as well. To live a full, well-adjusted purpose-driven life without needing to compromise one’s own character and integrity. That although being part of the larger LGBT Community, that LGBT people each have their own path and self-identity like all other members in our society.

The Program and its services are FREE to all participants.

So if you are on your own journey or helping someone though theirs, then maybe Project Safe Zone is the right community resource for you. Providing direction, personal insight and introspection so G LGBT ay youth’s life is not defined solely by one’s sexuality or defined in by their sexual orientation. There is a place for each of us with purpose in our Blessed Lord’s world. It is with this philosophy guiding principle that we can realize our true purpose AND true potential. Those youth with HIV/AIDS are most encouraged to engage us to assist in their path while allowing us to be your advocate.

What Project Safe Zone is not:

At certain times in each our lives we may experience the need to seek professional and targeted medical or psychological counseling services. The Program does not completely fulfill the needs of these services in total and encourages that each participant to seek the appropriate assistance they need, referrals provided up request. We are happy to identify other services and programs that maybe available for the benefit of those we seek to help.

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Are you the Parent of  an   LGBT Youth of the age of 15 or older? Are you a young LGBT person of age 15 or older?  We at Project Safe Zone are pleased to announce our guidance offering to all LGBT  Youth 15 years or older.

In counseling and a shared critical thinking friendship with instruction and focus on Personal Accountability, dignity and the importance of self-acceptance, self-value and integrity; Project Safe Zone offers LGBT ay Youth Counseling and Mentor-ship that each person who crosses our path will continue to mature in faith and hope; each will grow within themselves a knowledge of purpose and direction.   Our approach is simple, to encourage  LGBT  youth forward with a positive self-image, and strong ethos.   The “GAY LIFESTYLE” is a misnomer, though for some, the presumptive confutation which usually is denoted by that phrase, and all of its negative connotations are brought to into open, guiltless discussion to examine for a steady and deliberate actions to gorge a path ahead.

 Through counseling and guidance sessions, with principles reinforced by action, during gatherings, social events and joint community action we explore what it means to be a LGBT  person individually and as a community; We with respect and  dignity project our experience you plant the seeds of connection so their spirituality may also be stirred.  We remind to live a purpose driven life, without compromising one’s character and integrity.  ALL counseling sessions are FREE, though donations and tithes are graciously accepted.  Allow Project Safe Zone to provide direction, personal insight and introspection so LGBT Youth’s Life is not defined solely by the one’s sexual orientation or boxed in a pigeon holed identity.  There is a place for each of us with purpose in our Blessed Lord’s world.  It is with this philosophy guiding principle that we can realize our true purpose AND true potential.  Those youth with HIV/AIDS are most encouraged to engage with us for foundation strength to firm their path.

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This aspect of Daytona Beach Universal Ministries has provided relief to interfaith couples and same-sex couples experiencing difficulty in getting their bond celebrated in an atmosphere of faith, love, fellowship and joy.

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